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  • Welcome to Avid Sports
  • Welcome to Avid Sports

Avid Sports Management

Owners and developers of championship, resort and member golf courses throughout Australia, Asia pacific and the Middle East are enjoying the myriad of benefits from their association with Avid Sports.

Avid Sports operates golf courses on behalf of their owners using its deep knowledge of the national and international golf industry to provide a range of services that ensures each and every facility is performing at its optimum.

With the unique ability to convert a vision to reality, Avid Sports has mapped out the path from inception through to operation at some of the best golf courses in the region.

A passion for operations, marketing and revenue generation along with a proven suite of operating systems ensures that each of Avid Sports’ clients enjoy outstanding results and enjoyable working relationships.

Avid Sports’ commitment to operational performance and revenue creation is perfectly demonstrated by the recent launch of Golf Concierge, an in-house resource that is dedicated to creating events, tournaments and tours that generates revenue for the golf courses within its portfolio.  

Avid Sports delivers industry leading, practical, affordable and forward thinking advice to new and existing golf courses in Australia, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and beyond.